Have you ever wondered what the secret is?

Why some traders almost make money trading options effortlessly while others struggle just to break even?

If you don’t know what you are doing it’s easy to experience crippling loss after crippling loss and blow up your trading account.

Yet, successfully trading options doesn't have to be so hard. You don’t have to have years of experience. And you definitely don't have to suffer alone...

Meet Trader's Buddy Your New Best Friend In Trading!

Trader's Buddy is the only suite of tools designed to help serious traders like you connect with experts, win more consistently and dramatically reduce your risk

...Even if you are a complete beginner.

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Semi or Fully Automated System

Our incredibly simple system lets you trade how you want. Let the Autotrader place secure low risk trades for you, or, go semi-automatic and get proven trade alerts sent right to you.

Expert Education

Discover the secrets brokers don’t want you to know. Learn how to avoid expensive mistakes and master the market in our education center.

3x Proven Algorithms

Get rapid results with our winning algorithms for short, mid and long term options. Just select your trading style and we will cater to you!

Peer 2 Peer Trading Network

Never trade alone again! Our unique platform connects users around the globe so you can get advice from the best of the best.

No Downloads or Updates Ever

Stop wasting your time installing outdated software that slows your computer to a crawl. Open your account once and get unlimited access forever.

  • 100% Automated Trading Software
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Trader's Buddy will let you easily profit from high profit assets

What Could Trader's Buddy Do For You?

Trader's Buddy's suites of tools dramatically improve the most important aspects of Trading Experience…

It introduces a historic peer-2-peer trading platform that connects you directly with experts. It allows you to choose how you want the tools to work for you whether semi automated or fully automated. It includes essential video based training lessons to give traders like you the unfair advantage over your competition…

...Plus it has a beautiful yet simple to navigate design that looks every bit as powerful as it is. This is Trader's Buddy, Your new best friend in trading.

Open a FREE Account with Trader's Buddy In Less Than 5 Minutes

What Will You Find Inside Trader's Buddy?

Inside the Trader's Buddy Membership area you will find an entire suite of powerful tools designed to help every options trader win more consistently. Regardless of their experience level.

Choose The Trading Style That Matches You:

Social Trading

A first of its kind. Enabling the social trading feature allows you to receive trading advice based on community votes. And, not any votes. We select our most successful and professional traders to be able to vote on our social platform, so you are guaranteed to receive the ultimate trading advice.

Those eligible to offer votes to our social trading network we see a green sign appear indicating their eligibility.


Trader's Buddy’s platform was developed by industry professionals devoted to enhancing the online trading experience, and creating a platform that minimizes risk. By selecting the semi-automatic feature you will receive exclusive trading signals to alert you of upcoming market trends, and of low-risk trades with a high return. This is the perfect feature for anyone looking to have a hands-on experience, of for those seeking to gain more financial knowledge.


This game changing autotrader is in a league of it’s own. Unlike other traders we let you set your own daily-risk rate and decide on your max return. This means you stay in complete control of your investment.

Don’t have time to monitor your trades on a daily basis? Let the auto trader act as your financial advisor and do the hard work for you.

Choose from our 3X Trading Algorithms. Rush Options, Baser and Investo. These allow you to conveniently trade with expiration rates that match your trading style

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Which Of Our 3X Trading Algorithms Fits Your Personality?

Rush Options Short Term Options - Max. 120 Seconds

This short term option works great manually or auto traded.

Rush options were designed for traders who enjoy fast results and quick turnarounds. No matter where you are or what your doing you can check the account and see continuous returns.

Basers Medium Term Options - Max. 4 Hours

This medium term option uses market analysis from your broker for a 4-hour expiry rate. It’s works with manual and auto trading.

We call them “Basers” because they are often referred to as the golden mean when it comes to trading & often establish the “base” trend for the day.

These are medium risk/ medium reward and perfect for day traders.


Consider yourself to be a more conservative trader? Don’t have alot of time to monitor short term options? Investo was designed exclusively for you.

These are long term options with high investment character. You can place these option 1-2 times per week and still enjoy the benefits of your investments.

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Additional Features Why there is nothing else like Trader's Buddy

The Options Trading Education Center Discover Expert Secrets

Dive into the Trader's Buddy Educational Center to unlock the knowledge you need to be consistently profitable. Our in house analysts have provided quality tutorials and in-house research to help you master the financial markets.

From beginner to advanced, the education center is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their techniques and stay one step ahead of the market

Automatic Stop Loss Protect Your Assets

With Trader's Buddy you are in full control. You set your limits and you control your daily risk-rate. Unlike many other auto-trading software, we believe in 100% transparency. Also, our success if measured by our customers success. That means it is important for us to offer you the most safe and secure experience, so together we can build a successful and trustful relationship.

Pending Orders Maintain Your Momentum

Trader's Buddy is the first and only software that offers traders the advanced “Pending Orders: technology. This allows you to place your orders that are not immediate tradable through your broker. Many of our most experienced traders use this feature to take advantage of market momentum.

Brokers come and go anyway. Why wait for them to enable your options? Speaking of Brokers…

Dedicated Support Never Get Stuck.

Our dedicated support teams are available 24/7 so you are never alone. From the moment you log into your Trader's Buddy account we will be there to answer your questions, navigate the platform and hold your hand every step of the way. Never hesitate to contact us.

How Much?

Other Signal software or trading rooms charge anywhere from $75-200 per month. That’s up to $2400/ year for less functionality.

Trader's Buddy gives you more trading options, better education and dedicated support so you're never alone.

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The best part?

Right now, Trader's Buddy is 100% Free for a limited number of beta testers.

Yep, no monthly fee, no expensive down payments and NO scamming just simple access to revolutionary technology designed to give the power back to the traders like you.

Hurry, You Must Act Fast!

Due to fact this is brand new technology and the intense focus we have on building a community of successful traders we are taking a limited number of beta testers for our initial launch.

Once we reach 500 testers, we will be shutting the doors while we get amazing results for the traders smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you don’t want to miss out on a potentially life changing opportunity, then you should start your free account before it’s too late! Just click the button below and create your free account today.

Open a FREE Account with Trader's Buddy In Less Than 5 Minutes

Trusted, Regulated and Recommended Brokers Why Settle For Less?

We are 100% dedicated to selecting brokers value our mission of security and transparency.

Due to the growing number of unregulated brokers on the market, we are committed to only partnering with licensed and regulated brokers who are obligated to abide by industry rules , standards and committed to protecting your investments.

Our partnership exclusivity has allowed us to establish a team of true professionals we can confidently recommend to our customers and guarantee a successful experience.