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In Trader's Buddy affiliate program,
you will get access to:

Also, there is many other media that will help you maximize the results of your efforts. Keep in mind that a dedicated Trader's Buddy affiliate manager is always there for you. Simply arrange a conversation and ask whatever you want to know about Trader's Buddy affiliate program or discuss any of your issues. You can reach your manager via Skype or email.

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Becoming a part of affiliate program is really easy. Visit our affiliate website RobotClicks and simply fill out the registration form available on the homepage. After your account has been verified, you can easily access your dashboard and all the materials that will help you start those CPAs rolling. The payment system is quick, easy and always on time.

Once you have an active account, the dashboard will be your entrance to the world of affiliate marketing. There, you will be able to find all available campaigns, as well as the widgets and promotional materials. Thanks to a great and well-organized system, you can follow signup reports, conversion reports and clicks reports of the traffic you referred towards Trader's Buddy.

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WHAT IS Trader's Buddy?

How can affiliate program help you increase profits? It is pretty simple. As an affiliate, you have the best interest to promote a high-quality binary options product that will be interesting to traders of all kinds and help you generate more traffic and more income without much fuss.

Trader's Buddy is advanced, multi-level and simply the best binary trading software that gives traders an opportunity to experience different types of binary trading, all on one platform. This makes it very interesting for both experienced and more advanced traders, as well as for complete beginners that are only discovering binary options trading.

As a free product, is more than relevant in the binary options industry. The user-friendly approach, no costs or downloads, great customer support and dynamic interface make it a great opportunity for both traders and Trader's Buddy affiliates.

Customer Support

Trader's Buddy also has professional customer support that is available via live chat and that provides traders with all necessary information. They can help them become aware of all the possibilities offered and provide with additional explanations with needed.


Trader's Buddy provides three different types of trading: social trading, auto trading and semi-automatic trading.

Social trading is giving traders an opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge of others and trade according to the latest market trends. In every moment, they have an opportunity to find out what trades are perceived as profitable by the Trader's Buddy community. They can relax and focus on what really matters – placing successful trades.

Trader's Buddy also supports semi-automatic binary trading, which means that traders receive all possible trades on their dashboard. They can find out the direction of the price movement, asset, expiry time and all other details required for conscious and mindful binary options trading that brings success.

Traders can also take advantage of the confidence factor and see what are the prospects for a certain trade, watch educational videos, read articles and deepen their knowledge in binary options which is of crucial importance for every successful trader who wants to create more trading opportunities. Of course, users can skip that part and focus only on Trader's Buddy software, which is recommended for traders who don’t have time to learn about trading.

WHY CHOOSE Trader's Buddy?

Two types of binary options trading on one platform make Trader's Buddy the best and most reasonable choice. Diversification possibilities with Trader's Buddy enable all traders to develop their personal style and trade with confidence. User satisfaction and great reputation make the job so much easier for our affiliates, as they have no worries about promoting a bad product.

Affiliate marketing is much easier when you are promoting a superior product like Trader's Buddy and prestigious affiliate program like RobotClicks. We are dedicated to our partners and want to provide them everything they need and support them in becoming successful marketers. Our vast experience and the amazing team will help you become a professional who knows how to utilize his website traffic better than anyone else and boost the profits.

Trader's Buddy affiliate program is the top choice.

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